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FreeAgent, an award-winning accounting software solution, required a brand new strategy for its accountant audience. This meant managing numerous stakeholder relationships in marketing, sales and product, and balancing competing product and campaign launch deadlines. I wrote and edited Knowledge Base articles, customer stories, how-to guides and newsletters and managed a team of in-house writers to ensure the successful delivery of the strategy.


I was also involved in the ideation and delivery of a campaign specifically aimed at introducing the software to bookkeepers. Prior to this campaign, the software was only promoted as a solution for accountants and their clients, but UX research demonstrated that bookkeepers were most responsive to communications that differentiated them and their services. Alongside a designer who worked on the visuals, I created the written content for a threaded campaign culminating in a dedicated event celebrating bookkeepers. We achieved 13 SQLs in the first 24 hours of the campaign, doubled this by the end, and 'Bookkeepers Week' is now an annual event.

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